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10 minute kite making kit

Best suited to corporate events and fetes where you want a fast turnover. It is also a great kite for young children.

The beauty of this kite is its simplicity. It's made from an A3 sheet of paper - but no scissors are required, just folds.

As it's paper though - it's advisable to fly only in fine weather:

10 minute kite kit

The kite making instructions are actually on the kite, so the kitemaker needs minimal assistance.

It is a paper kite which can be decorated with felt tips, pencils or crayons. Paint is not recommended as it softens the paper. It does not require scissor use.

See pictures of the paper kite being made at a workshop.

Print it with your logo

These kites can be left blank for user decoration or printed with your logo. If you don't have a logo, but want a theme, please get in touch as I may be able to create you some artwork.

Each kit contains:

10 minute kite kit

Colour examples


The instructions are printed on the edges of the kite, and are folded back so are not seen when the kite is finished.


The kite comes with full safety and flying instructions and meets EU toy safety standards.


Minimum order of 20 plain kits (or 60 branded).

Cost per kite (plain): £1.90

Cost per kite (branded): £2.10

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This kite is designed by KiteKids, and produced only for KiteKids. It is not available anywhere else.


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