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About us and our kite making kits

Jenny with my little kite kid

KiteKids is owned and managed by me, Jenny Sliwinski (that's me above with my own little kite kid!), but I get all my inspiration and advice from my dad, Malcolm Goodman who is a world renowned kite maker, collector and event organiser.

For over 20 years we have have been running kite workshops where we teach people of all ages how to make and fly kites. We've been helping schools, play groups, scout and guide movements, charity fetes, party groups and corporate events to successfully launch their homemade kites into the sky.

Over the last few years we have been asked more and more for kite kits - so that groups can make the kites in their own time when it suits them. Our vast experience combined with positive feedback from our customers has helped us produce a kite kit which is fun, educational, creative, easy to make and fun to fly.

About me - Jenny Sliwinski

By day I'm a full time website manager for my local authority, which is where I get my passion for excellent customer service. I treat all my customers how I would expect to be treated myself - and I'm hard to please!

By night I sit in my office packing kites to send all around the world which gives me immense satisfaction. I love what I do, especially when I get emails, letters or photos from my lovely loyal customers telling me how much fun the children had. It makes all the long nights worth it.

About Malcolm Goodman


My dad has been known as 'The Kiteman' for as long as I can remember! His passion for kites began over 30 years ago, when as a young(ish!) man he travelled to San Francisco for a land-yachting trip. Lacking sufficient winds for the sport, he copied the locals and picked up a kite to pass the time until the wind increased in strength. The rest as they say, is history. He was hooked. And my mum, my sister and myself were in for a life of kites!

Since then my dad has travelled the UK and the world attending kite festivals, where like-minded people fly their unique kite designs for audiences of thousands who watch in awe.

He has since become a respected kite festival organiser bringing unique talent from all across the globe to festivals in the UK.

Malcolm is available for kite workshops, event organising.....and basically anything else to do with kites. Contact him at his website

If you want kitekits - contact me!