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Air Sled - ready made kite!

This is a ready made kite which is ready for decoration. It's ideal for toddlers and young children who can't yet make a kite, but want to decorate one.

Because I'm a parent myself who wouldn't entrust a toddler with a permanent marker pen (been there, got the walls to prove it!), the skin of this kite is made from tyvek paper so it can be decorated with feltips, crayons, pencils and paint.

This kite can also be made by those of any age who just want to focus on the decoration of a kite without getting bogged down by having to construct it.

star kite flying

Each kit contains:


The kite comes with full safety and flying instructions and meets EU toy safety standards.


Minimum order of 5 kits.

Cost per kite: £3.30

Cost per pack of 5: £16.50

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Only want two? Buy on ebay...

You can now buy these kites on ebay in multiples of two.

Cost per pack of 2: £6.60

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