Our range of kite making kits

A range of kite making kits for all ages and activities

We have different kite making kits depending on the age of your group, the time available and the type of activity or event you are catering for.

All suggested ages below are for guidance only and most can be made by all ages providing you have suitable adult assistance.

Diamond kite

This pretty little diamond kite comes in a pack of 10 - 2 red, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 yellow and 2 blue. Very easy to make and a great little flyer!

One hour kite making kit
Read more about diamond kites.

Cost per kite: 2.30

Star kite

Plastic star shaped kite. Ideal activity for children aged 8 and above. Plain white plastic so great for decorating.

Star kite

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Cost per kite:£2.50

Delta kite - NEW!

Plastic 'delta' kite. Ideal activity for children aged 7 and above. Plain white plastic so great for decorating.

Star kite

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Cost per kite:£2.50

Air Sled kite - ready made for decorating!

Ready made large sled kite which partially inflates. Ideal activity for very young children who can't yet make their own kite or when you just want to focus on design. Made from strong white tyvek fabric/paper.

Star kite

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Cost per kite:£3.00

'Train' kite making kit

Available in rainbow colours (see below), or in just white, this is called a train kite and consists of five diamond kites which fly one after the other.
A challenge for older children!

Train kite

Read more about train kites.

Cost per kite:£5.50

Japanese 'Kakudaku' kite

Ideal activity for secondary school children and adults as it is the most technically challenging. Made with authentic japanese materials. Plain white paper so great for decorating.

Japanese Kakudaku kite
Read more about kakudaku kites.

Cost per kite: 2.20

'Recycle-a-bag' kite kit

Promote the message of recycling with this new kite kit which will turn plastic carrier bags into a kite! Ideal for children aged 7 and above.

Carrier bag kite making kit

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Cost per kite: 2.20

Half day kite

This is our most popular kite making kit for schools - it's transparent so great for decorating. It can be made in two hours if decoration and flying time is limited.

Half day kite making kit

Read more about half day kites.

Cost per kite:£2.40

10 minute paper kite

Best suited to corporate events and fetes where you want a fast turnover. The kite making instructions are actually on the kite, so the kitemaker needs minimal assistance. These kites can be left blank for user decoration or printed with your logo.

Paper kite making kit
Read more about 10 minute kites.

Cost per kite (blank): 1.70

Cost per kite (branded): 1.90


'Union Jack' Kite-in-a-bag!

It's a carrier bag which turns into a kite! All instructions are printed on the bag, and the components are in a neat pack inside. Perfect for handouts and parties.

Carrier bag kite making kit

This kite is available in two options:

a) a pre-printed Union Jack design; or

b) printed with your logo

Read more about the Union Jack kite kits.

Read more about printing them with your own logo.

Cost per kite: 2.20


30 minute kite - Discontinued

Sorry, this kite is now sold out and we have decided to discontinue it.

The best alternative is the one hour kite below.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thirty minute kite making kit

1 hour kite

Our most popular kite. It's easy to make, and extremely easy to fly. It's a six-sided 'sled' shape which is very stable in the sky. Ideal for all ages.

One hour kite making kit
Read more about 1 hour kites.

Cost per kite: 2.10

Pocket kite

Why not buy one of these ready-made fabric pocket kites - popular as prizes for special achievement or just great to keep in your car for a windy day!

Available in blue/purple and red/orange.

Bird kite making kit
Read more about pocket kites.

Cost per kite: 4.00


These kites are not recommended for children aged 3 or under due to pointy sticks and possible entanglement.

Our kites come with full safety and flying instructions and meets EU toy safety standards.


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