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One hour kite making kit

Popular with children aged 6 and above. Very easy to make and fly:

One hour kite kit components

It is a coloured, plastic kite which can be decorated with permanent marker pens. It does not require scissor use.

Kits come individually wrapped for easy hand out.

Each kit contains:

One hour kite kit components

Colour options

The kites come in 5 colours - red, green, blue, orange and yellow with different coloured tails - 20 colour combinations in total. Unless you supply a preference for a particular colour combination such as red kite with blue tail, you will be supplied with a mixture.

Range of colours


One copy of easy to follow kite making and flying instructions will be provided in printed format per order. Digital instructions can be provided in pdf format by email upon request. This may be useful if you wish to print one copy per person.

See close-up photos on my flickr page.


The kite comes with full safety and flying instructions and meets EU toy safety standards.


Minimum order of 10 kits.

Cost per kite: £2.30

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This kite is designed by KiteKids, and produced only for KiteKids. It is not available anywhere else.


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