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Pocket kite

This is a ready made kite in a handy little pouch. It's the ideal way of saying thank you to certain children who go out of their way to help others during a kite-making session. It's also a great prize for special achievement.

Pocket kite

Bag kite zipped up


It comes in two styles - blue/purple or red/orange. Each colour is perfect for both boys and girls!


Kite span - 70cm high x 47cm high

Bag size - 9cm wide x 5 cm deep

Tail length - 110cm approx.

Pocket kite


The kite comes with full safety and flying instructions and meets EU toy safety standards.

Pocket kite


Minimum order of 5 kites, unless it's part of a larger order.

Cost per kite: £4.00

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Just want one or two?

You can now buy these kites on ebay in small quantities.

Cost per kite: £4.00

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This kite is designed by KiteKids, and produced only for KiteKids. It is not available anywhere else.


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