See what some of our customers have very kindly taken the time to email or write us...


"Fantastic!!! And such a quick response! Thank you I will recommend you to others!."

CL, Twigworth

"I would like to thank you for your prompt email responses and for issuing your products so promptly. It really has been effortless from my perspective, and I can't remember being able to say that about any company that I have dealth with. Thank you!."

FB, Essex

"Once again, thank you Jenny for being so accommodating and professional. We hope to do business with you in the future and wish you every success."

SP, Blackpool

"I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends if they ever need kites for an event."

CB, Paris

"Impressive hassle free service- brilliant!!"

JH, Exeter

"Many thanks for your excellent communication and help. Nice doing business with you. Will recommend you to other Guiders."

JC, Southampton

"Just to let you know I received the kite kits today so thank you very much. Thanks for your prompt despatch."

JJ, Aberdeen

"Thank you so much for quick postage of the Kites, they are fantastic xx"

BC, Fife

"Many thanks for your excellent service."

EM, Norwich

"Thank you so much for your trust and your very good service. If the kites are as good as everything else, they'll be terrific! Thanks again and good luck with the business.


Brill service."

JT, Hereford

"Thanks for answering the phone on a Sunday!"

LG, Middlesex

"Thank you for your quick response. We are looking forward to receiving the kites and will have a lot of fun with them during the playscheme:)"

NM, London

"Thank you so much for sending the kites off - they are already at our head office! Perfect."

CF, Hove

"Thanks very much for processing this order so quickly."

JF, West Yorkshire

"Thanks for the prompt service."

GS, Suffolk

"You are a star."

KR, France

"Thank you for a speedy response."

JS, Shrewsbury

"I've just come across your website tonight and am a bit disappointed that I did not find it sooner!"

SM, Galway

"Many thanks for your fantastic service."

AD, Shrewsbury

"Wow – that’s impressive! I wasn’t honestly expecting an answer to my email tonight!"

LC, Surrey

"Many thanks that's what I call service!"

PJ, Sutton Coldfield

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One hour kites

"Thanks for supplying the kites in the required time. The children really enjoyed making them and flying them and several of the children commented on how much they had enjoyed the day."

CB, Appleton Thorn

"My cubs had a great time with the kites."

BM, Wirral

"The kites were great and we had a lovely party for our three year old. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for them, and for the prompt, efficient and friendly service. We hope to come back to you for more, as the kids get older."

KQ, London

"Thank you for the kites which fly great over the Downs!!"

PR, Bedfordshire

"The kits are great and the ready made sample was a great idea too."

LC, Angus

"I have done one session and was impressed with how well they flew. A few children couldn't get there kite to fly, but that was only because they hadn't quite followed my guidance when we built them; I was easily able to rectify the problem, so they all were succesful eventually."

SD, East Yorkshire

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30 minute kites

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how fantastic all the kids enjoyed making and flying the kites.
Although we didn't think it, the kit really did take 30 minutes to make and decorate. The instructions were easy to follow and the ready made kite you supplied was used in true Blue Peter style. 
Once again, thank you very much."

DS, Kent

"Just got back from a FREEZING outdoor event but just wanted to thank you for the kites. They were brilliant – no fuss and easy to get together. I sometimes work with seriously disadvantaged kids who never get the chance to craft and are often intimidated by complicated projects. The 30 minute kites were just enough to be interesting but not so much that they felt overwhelmed.

The pleasure of seeing them taking their kites outside and being amazed that they made something that worked is immeasurable."

I will definitely be coming back for more."

AA, Bury

"Thank you so much for the kites - they are brilliant.  Thank you, too, for putting in an extra ready made one and one for me to practise on. They found the instructions easy to follow and had a enormous fun flying the kites afterwards."

JH, Peterborough

"The party was a great success, and the decorating with dry-wipe markers rather than permanent pens actually worked quite well. The kite kits are brilliant, couldn't believe how easy it was to get them in the air. We had a few tangles (only to be expected with 16 5-year olds running around with kites!!) but the whole party was great, due in no small part to the success of the kite kits. Thank you ever so much.."

SL, Harpenden

"Thank you so much for arranging for the kites to arrive by Friday - they've all been made (almost 80!) they were perfect. Just right for our children, with a bit of adult guidance. A great experience for them, they flew them on the school field and then took them home. It was so magical!."

SH, Bedfordshire

"The kites were a great success and the children at our Barnardos youth club loved them."

LF, Isle of Wight

"Thanks so much for your prompt service, the kites have arrived and they're perfect for the job! Also thanks for putting in the demonstration kite - much appreciated, saves me a little job in a busy week."

EK, Northumberland

"Just to let you know the kites were a great success. Thanks again."

"Thank you again for your prompt response to our order and the excellent service you have provided. "

CB, Coventry

"Thank you for the kites they're excellent."

JLD, Kent

"I received the kites today thankyou, they are brilliant."

JK, Warwickshire

"The children loved them!"

GP, Wallasey

"The kites were perfect!"

CC, Canterbury

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Half day kites

Half day kite kits

"The half day kite kits filled the 'spot' beautifully! I don't think we have seen our activity room so quiet with girls concentrating on their designs! We like the fact that everything we needed to assemble the kites, was in the packet and the demonstration kite was great as the girls could see what the finished kite would look like.

Luckily in the afternoon the weather held off long enough for the girls to fly their kites in the school grounds - it was amazing to see and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the activity. We will definitely be doing this again!."

JF, Rickmansworth

"Great products and a very quick delivery!"

PW, Solihull

"The kites arrived on time and were excellent. Very well designed and the children were able to fly them despite there being hardly a breeze! Very well received by staff!!!"

DK, Lincolnshire

"Thank you very much for being able to sort out our last minute order."

The kids absolutely loved their kite session. We will come back to you again in the near future for more!"

TC, Birmingham

"Just to say we have had a fantastic time with your dad [Malcolm Goodman] - a very special kite flier!"

HW, County Durham

"We ordered some kite kits from you last year, which were excellent.  The young people loved them. Can we please order 40 more kits."

JA, Kent

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Star kites

"Thanks for the star kites you sent me, they were great and ideal for the kids that I work with."

CC, Derbyshire

"We are back from pack holiday & thought I would email you to thank you for the kites.

The children thoroughly enjoyed making and flying them."

AC, Bucks

"I ordered some kites a year or so ago and I thought they were excellent. We really enjoyed flying them and they were such good quality. We have decided to do it again with a whole year group."

HV, Surrey

"Thanks for the star kites you sent me, they were great and ideal for the kids that I work with.

"I like that they are easy to make (and fly!) and that they can decorate them themselves..."

FR, Ingleby Barwick

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10 minute kites

"Many thanks for the order. We all had a great night and the kids loved designing their own kites."

CG, Kinross

"The paper kites worked really well; even a 6 year old having success first time; the sight was very special! Thank you for great design, ALL the bits necessary and making it all so hassle-free, much appreciated."

FP, Horsham

"Thank you once again, you have a great product."

CW, Surrey

"I am really impressed with your website and think the kites will be a real hit with the children. They will be able to individualise them, and hopefully fly them, wind permitting!!"

PH, Fife

"They were brilliant Jenny. Will use you again as it is a very successful session."

BB, Wiltshire

"They will be a perfect addition to my little girls party, I will be sure to tell everyone where I got the kite kits from! "

LA, Essex

"Thank you very much for sending the artwork - it looks fab! I am looking forward to seeing - and making! - the kites."

BK, Stroud

"The kites have arrived safe and sound. They look brilliant."

FA, London

"The kites arrived in good time so thanks very much for getting them done so quickly. My volunteers were very pleased with them."

JW, Surrey

"The paper kites worked really well; even a 6 year old having success first time; the sight was very special!
Thank you for great design, ALL the bits necessary and making it all so hassle-free, much appreciated."

FP, Horsham

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Union Jack kites

"Thank you so much for the kites. They're fabulous! I only wish I had ordered more."

MO, Cambridge

"Many thanks, kites have arrived and look great!"

CB, Dorset

"Thank you so much for quick postage of the Kites, they are fantastic xx"

BC, Fife

"The kites are brilliant, thank you!"

DC, London

"Thanks for the kites, I m sure the girls will have a lovely time flying them."

LR, Pontypridd

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'Recycle-a-bag' kites

"The kites went down a storm! The funniest thing was the fight over the different carrier bags, who has Marks and Spencers? Who has Tesco?! It was very funny. The kids loved embellishing the kites and they were running all over the field with them. They were great fun and are a brilliant product."

RH, Isle of Man

"The kites were a complete success - the children enjoyed making and flying (or trying to!) them!"

KB, East Sussex

"Thank you for all the kites, just to let you know that we had our event today and it was great! We even had someone say it was the best one we have put on!"

BB, London

"Thank you so much for your fast reply we are very thankful and I’m sure the children will love them. They really do send the message of caring for the environment and using the resources at hand instead of throwing them in landfill.  "

EH, Brisbane, Australia

"We would like to purchase one of your kite kits for each of our pupils as their Christmas present from the school. They are a wonderful idea."

MD, Sussex

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Kakudaku kites

"Many thanks for the kites. The children loved making them."

RP, Moray

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